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Tables in last page footer


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the PAGE_FOOTER (and also the special LAST_PAGE_FOOTER band) are static bands that CAN'T expand dynamically in height! So placing a dynamic table with multiple rows into the LAST_PAGE_FOOTER isn't a good idea! What should happen if there are so many rows, that they won't fit even at one page? It would be an infinity loop.

Why do you use the LAST_PAGE_FOOTER for your table and what do you want to achieve actually? You could use the SUMMARY also for placing your table to the last page and surpress the normal PAGE_FOOTER with a PrintWhenExpression



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Hi C-Box, thank you very much for the informations.

In a first moment, I successflully implemented my tables in the Summary band.

Of course, I'll dot it again. But I have a problem now: I'd like to have my tables at the bottom of the last page, so I guess I need to autoexpand the band to place the content at the bottom.

I don't know if is this possible and how to implement this behavior.

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OK... so try to use a "dummy" Group (a group without any expression) and place your content within the generated group-footer band. At the group properties there are several options for placing the footer... STACKTOBOTTOM, COLLATEATBOTTOM, FORCEATBOTTOM.... I'm not sure if it will work.... but it's worth to give it a try ;-)

regards again from windy Dresden/Germany


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Hi Christian,

thank you os much for you answer.


You are right: we just implemented a group and we (seemingly) succeeded in obtaining the desired result.

So, I think this is the solution we were looking for.

Have a nice sunny day from Sardinia.

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