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JasperReportsIO: Fusion Reports not working


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Are the Fusion Reports supported in Commercial version of JasperReports IO?

Not sure if this applies, but the jrio/WEB-INF/lib folder doesn't seem to have the fusion reports jar in either Studio or JasperReports IO

When I run a report in the sample/reports/fusion folder, I am getting the following error:

xml.digester.unknown.entity.not.loading : Unknown entity http://jaspersoft.com/schema/fusion.xsd, not loading


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Fusion Components are not shipped with JasperReports IO Commercial Edition. In order to process Fusion reports, you'll need to

  • place the jasperreports-fusion.jar file into the jrio/WEB-INF/lib folder
  • include the Fusion components javascript files into the jrio-client application
  • edit the jrio-client/scripts/require.config.js file in order to consider the Fusion components


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