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jasper rest Api integration with java


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i want to integrate the rest Api of jasper with my java code using http client. am able to create a new organization and users by passing it  with PP parameter (eg


bt the other rest_v2 api' s are not working and return 401 status (eg ; 


Thanks for your valuable time and looking forward for your reply

Thanks & Regards, 

Lija G


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The 401 response here looks to indicate that your user does not have sufficient permissions to execute the request. The organization should not be creatable by the regular ROLE_USER, only ROLE_ADMINISTRATOR and ROLE_SUPERUSER should be allowed to do that, as well as manage users. Have a look at the bean filterInvocationInterceptor in applicationContext-security-web.xml and applicationContext-security-pro-web.xml to see what roles are required to access certain REST endpoints.

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