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I am really needing help converting number to a fraction value


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I need to know how I can take a numeric value and convert it to a fraction like excel does.  In jasper reports is there a way that I can do a lookup to an excel sheet using the decimal value and then get the converted fraction value?  I have an excel sheet with the fractions value I need, I would need to setup a data source link to this excel sheet to sure in a subreport.  Can anyone help me with this? 

I have values like 10.250, 6.125, 9.750,  8.375   I need to convert these to 10 1/4, 6 1/8, 9 3/4 and 8 3/8   also any others that might be needed.

Thank you.

Jim Rubino

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10 1/4 is the 10.25 inch
In excell and other programs you format the cell or column to represent it, ie the value is 10.25 but shown as 10 1/4.
Then either you format the report cell to represent inches if possible or you put the values as string if they are not used in calculations.

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