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JRCsvExporter with a DataSourc

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By: WeeJavaDude - weejavadude

JRCsvExporter with a DataSourc

2005-11-16 19:08

I have seen the examples on how to export a CSV file and I was wondering if there is a way to do this without having to create a report templete. Here is what I am trying to accomplish.


1) I have a Java Class that is subclassed from JRDataSource. It is in tabular fashion. Rows and Columns.


2) I want to send this out in a stream.


3) i am trying to avoid creating a Templete file if possible. I use iReport and it seems overkill for something like this. Is there a way to specify the Column names and the order I want to see them in the CSV?


Hopefully this makes sense. What I was hoping was I provided some mapping type object to provide what type of ordering and then a List of DataSources to export. Is there a way to accomplish this?


Any pointers or thoughts would be helpful. I guess I am struggling with how to properly create a jasper pring object to allow my JSDataSource to be exported. Is there an easy way to define this in a JavaClass without having to go to an outside templete.

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