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How to arrange barcodes horizontally and place them in multiple rows


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I'm a newbee of Jaspersoft Studio. I use Jaspersoft Studio v6.5.1.
I must develop a report in following specifications,
but I can't find the way to print the report.

Every data has ID column. For example,

no  item  quantity ID
1   milk  3        XXXX
2   bread 2        YYYY
3   suger 4        ZZZZ

1. concatenate  maxinum 5 IDs values and generate a barcode, and print in footer area.
2. if there are multiple barcodes, arrange up to 3 horizontally
3. barcodes exceeding 3, arrange multiple row.

For example, 23 data exists, print 23 lines data in detail area, and
print 5 barcodes in 2 line, such as
(barcode1) (barcode2) (barcode3)
(barcode4) (barcode5)

I tried table element, but I didn't know how to use dataset to arrange barcodes.
Thanks in advance.

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