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Variation on "isStretchWhenOverflow" Flag

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By: Steve Jenkings - stevejenks

Variation on "isStretchWhenOverflow" Flag

2005-11-11 03:12

I'm producing reports which have fields containing text of a length that is prone to occasionally overflowing the usual size of the text field. I've found the 'isStretchWhenOverflow' field which makes the cells a little bigger when required but would like slightly different functionality. (Especially as when I export such reports to Excel I end up with an extra row inserted in the sheet rather than one row which is a little bit deeper).


As I'm exporting all my reports to Excel as long as the extra text is maintained in the field, rather than being truncated, I could see the text or use it in formula and the like. So what I need is a 'dontStretchWhenOverflowButDon'tTruncateTheText' flag. I can't seem to find anything at present that gives me this.


Is such a function available or perhaps there is a feature request list I can use?

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