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A recipe for Turing-complete logic in reports


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The report environment is obviously not the right place to perform complex logic, but when needs must the lack of lambda support in the available JS and troubles getting java 8+ working make a solution desirable. This technique worked for me, and I thought it might be of interest:

<textFieldExpression><![CDATA[    (function () {       var a = new Object($F{top}.get("buss"));        var b = ...;       for (var p in a) {           b.push(a[p]);       }       return ...;    }    ).apply()]]></textFieldExpression>[/code]

Notice the use of a "for" loop and temporary "var"s! This works because the "()" around the "function () {}" turns the declaration into an expression, which ".apply()" can run.

Enjoy responsibly...

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