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Parameters with result of db query


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Hi everyone, 
I have a question, I'm trying put a field of the result the query in the parameter to send for the tables of report, I'm trying somethin simple, I KNOW THIS IS WRONG 
$P{month} = $F{month}
I don't have ideia how I can do this, I'm making a report with months, so all the year, so is 12 months, the principal dataset just back to me the months I have events, I can't post the code here because he is too big, about 3000 lines, I have send the parameter for another datasets, and one of this parameters is a month of query return to me, anyone can help me that thing ? 


Thanks, Gabriel Nadoroski.

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I don't send the $F{month} as a parameter for another table be cause I don't know how, I need  send him for another tables in my report to make another queries, I have 19 others queries, and I'll send the month and year for the all queries, the year I request for the user, and month, that my main query does, will send to the others tables.

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