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Guide for integrating JasperReports Server with Oracle Forms


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Hello everyone. I am looking to implement JasperReports as a replacement for our aging Oracle Reports system. 

The backend runs with Oracle Forms 11g. We hope to switch it up to 12c in the near future; however, for now we are sticking with 11g. 11g is our back-end sql system which we use to run reports from in-house developed custom Java software. Currently, it uses Oracle Reports, but given that support for Oracle Reports is dwindling, we are trying to switch over to JasperReports Server. I've set up a JRS that is using one of our sandbox databases as a data connection and I am able to successfully spawn reports from it using JS Studio. The next step will be integrating JRS with Oracle Forms so that it can programatically run SQL queries through the Java App and replace the duty currently being given to Oracle Reports. 

Does anyone else have any insight or could possibly point me in a good starting direction? That would be very appreciated.

Thank you!

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Perhaps you can review our web services capabilities in the REST API reference guide which can be downloaded from: https://community.jaspersoft.com/documentation?version=49176. So I am thinking that you can migrate Oracle Reports to JasperReports developed using Studio (Oracle database as the data source) and publish these reports to the JR Server. Then to call these published reports from the Oracle Forms using web services.  I am thinking Oracle Forms is more the front end UI and within it it has something that can call a URL or REST API to a Jasper report on the server. Check out these older sites:

Also, for your Oracle Reports migration to JasperReports, there may be a tool to help. I did not attend belows session so I don't know what it presented but it does make a mention of a semi-automated tool that can help with the migration :

If you are an existing Jaspersoft customer, you can touch base with you Account manager (who can reach out to the right parties) to discuss this project further in relation to the implementation strategy (or other better strategies) available.  

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