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How to change this java language into ireport expression?


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        boolean isExistTax = false;
        BigDecimal debit = new BigDecimal(0);
        BigDecimal credit = new BigDecimal(0);
        int cntA = 2;
        for(int cnt2vec=0;cnt2vec<cmObj.vecItems.size();cnt2vec++)
            CreditMemoItemObject cmiObj = (CreditMemoItemObject) cmObj.vecItems.get(cnt2vec);
            if (cmiObj.glCodeDebit.equals("inventory"))
            else if (cmiObj.glCodeCredit.equals("inventoryCost"))
            else if (cmiObj.glCodeCredit.equals(glCode1) || cmiObj.glCodeDebit.equals(glCode1))
                isExistTax = true;
                    debit = debit.add(cmiObj.amount);
                else if(cmiObj.amount.signum()<0)
                    credit = credit.add(cmiObj.amount);

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