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java.net.ProtocolException: Too many follow-up requests: 21


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I get this error when i call ReportExecution API REST V2 from android SDK.

I use this SDK : com.github.Jaspersoft.js-android-sdk:js-android-sdk-client:2.5.1

And the following code : 

  Server server = Server.builder()                     .withBaseUrl("")                     .build();Credentials credentials = SpringCredentials.builder()                               .withPassword("jasperadmin")                               .withUsername("jasperadmin")                               .withOrganization("")                               .build();AuthorizedClient client = server.newClient(credentials)                               .create();ReportService reportService = ReportService.newService(client);String reportUri = "/reports/interactive/CustomersReport";ReportExecutionOptions options = ReportExecutionOptions.builder()                               .withFormat(ReportFormat.PDF)                               .withFreshData(true)                               .withMarkupType(ReportMarkup.EMBEDDABLE)                               .withInteractive(false)                               .build();    ReportExecution execution = reportService.run(reportUri, options);[/code]

Does anyone already managed this error ? Is it a jasperserver configuration problem ? I didn't modify the default configuration 

Thanks in advance

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