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bar codes problem

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By: aleydro beltran - aleydro

bar codes problem

2004-01-06 09:13

Hi, i need to print EAN13 barcodes for the employees id's, i have tried with several EAN13 fonts but they don't work for me, i calculate the last digit and I also have taken care that after the bars (101) in the middle are righ hand type bars.


Thanks for any help







By: Anthony Presley - blurngr

RE: bar codes problem

2004-03-12 07:18

Did you have any luck with this? Curious if one can even print bar-codes with Jasper. Assume it's just a matter of picking the right fonts.


Solving a similar problem. Any help would be appreciated, as I'm trying to swing for getting more of our reports using Jasper, but this particular problem will need to be overcome.







By: Israel Lifshitz - sisraell

RE: bar codes problem

2004-03-14 03:50



I am printing bar codes with jasper.


But i use a seperate library to generate the barcode as java.awt.Image and then use the image element in the report.


I'm using the barbecue library:






By: Logister - logister

RE: bar codes problem

2004-03-16 00:48


I'm using a report jasper compiled file in my java bean. One field of my query is a barcode, when I designed my report I applied the font EAN-13.TTF to this field, but when I export the report to pdf and the printed code is not read by the optical reader. I supposed that I need to apply a function to the string field to generate an image barcode, Can I apply this function when I design my report?? or I have to apply it in the java bean code?

Thanks in advance,

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