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Empty Table - What am I doing wrong?


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i made an excel file with a table like this:



In the report I have 8 detail bands (1 for each Type, that is printed, when the right type is in the query) - it works fine.
Now i want in the summary band a Table, that shows me some data from the same excel file.

1. I generated "DataAdapterExcel" and selected the excel File and i got automaticly all the fields.
2. After designing the report and placing the table in summary band, I created Dataset1 with "DataAdapterExcel" and in the Query i have SELECT * FROM Table1 -> When clicking on Data preview i see the same Data as in the main report.
3. click on Table element -> Dataset Run (Dataset1) -> "Use same JDBC connection used to fill the master report"

So theoretically, i have to get the data displayed in detail 1-8, in the table, too.
But my table is empty :( and i dont know why.

I worked on other reports that are using table, too in summary band and it's working nice. The only difference -> it was an empty report and i made the connection with a .jar file. 
So i don't know why the same stuff doesn't work, if i select the "DataAdapterExcel"

Here are 2 screenshots:

(how the bands look like)

(how the preview looks like)


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I think my mistake is using an excel sheet.

After importing the data in a mysql db and making the connection - the table is filled.

(i dont know the excel logic but maybe the file is locked when the data is imported and maybe cant open for the table? so i get null values)

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