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Change some English words to other Language words


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Hello everyone,

We have a requirement, We need change some English words to Japanese words from export datas.

Now,Almost all of the SQL queries are edited in the jrxml,

that is to say,retrieve database data directly via sql in jrxml, not via the javabean,

How should we do this?

Maybe it can be achieved by expression, but because there are too many report templates, and English words may increase in the future, is there any other way?

For example, Maintain these words through a properties file, jrxml file can read this file, Can we do this?

Who can help me? 

Thank you!


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Hozawa, Thank you for your help.

But my Japanese is not shown correctly via exporting pdf.

I think the reason is encoding.

If I change properties content to unicode, for example: test = u308Fu304Bu308B

nothing is shown.

If I change properties content to ISO-8859-1 , for example :test =わかる

[ããã] is shown.

And I tried to export html file ,it worked normally ,but pdf.

How can i correct it? 

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