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display visible section of input control on header


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I have a report where i have configured input control using Single Select Query .

select code,description

from code_lookup

where table_name ='folder_type'

In this query, I have set up code as Value name and description as visible column

Here is the sample data -

code .        description

DMV .      Domestic Violense

HATE .    hate crme

If the user selects Domestic Violence, then I want to display in report header and not DMV.

How can I achieve this?  I have seen multiple solutions on this but none work.


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That's what we do:

We will write a stored procedure to translate the codes, for example:

SELECT name FROM table WHERE code = 'DMV'

Then we will create a new Dataset in Studio, sourcing data from that stored procedure.

In the title part, retrieve data from the newly created Dataset. There you can get the whole description of that code.

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Thats what I do. Its doable If i have one query to refer to. But I have reports where there are 12 parameters. In page header, I can't call the values from subdatasets. That's the part  I dont like about Jaspersoft. 

There has to be some way to achieve this. 

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