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How to edit reports from AWS Hourly v.7.1 in Studio 6.6. community


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I have an instance of Jasper server (hourly on AWS) (v.7.1).

Studio Community (v.6.6) connects fine, but I cannot edit any existing reports on Server from Studio. The reports are visible, but I get error messages when trying to access.

Can you edit existing charts (in server) from Studio?

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I suppose you are a paying customer since you are using a JasperServer 7.1.0 on AWS. Did you give it a try using the Jaspersoft Studio Professional 7.1.0 version? It should be available through the customer portal. Anyhow you could try to contact support about this kind of issues. You can also try to open a ticket in the Community Tracker. But please attach all information like a) error log b) screencast c) sources and/or steps to reproduce.

Best regards,

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I have no idea of how the AWS agreements work. I suggest you directly contact the TIBCO Jaspersoft support. Ask them about the possible Jaspersoft Studio Professional license. Anyhow you can get a 60 days trial directly from the Community Site. There is a big banner in the main area of the website.




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