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Passing parameter from one report to another based on select data from the first report


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Hi Team, 

I have created two seperate reports [main and sub], main will have a chart that has reagion wise sales data, and sub will have detailed sales person and sales details information,

i have created the REGIONCODE parameter in the sub report and in main report i have created hyperlink as "ReportExecution", with 2 parameters, 

1. _report="http://localhost:2071/MyReports/servlets/viewer?jr_report_uri=Sub.jrxml&jss_context=301dfa68-4f27-4c0e-af64-a6e75338e710&jr_async=true


after run in interactive mode, on click on the main report, i could not see the sub report, i got the followin header in fiddler [request]

"GET /MyReports/servlets/viewer?jr_report_uri=null&_report=http://localhost:2071/MyReports/servlets/viewer?jr_report_uri=Sub.jrxml&jss_context=301dfa68-4f27-4c0e-af64-a6e75338e710&jr_async=true&REGIONCODE=05 HTTP/1.1"


please help me to resolve the issue.

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try following steps. May be this could help you.

1) I am not sure about making equal parameter in main and sub report spelling Parameters from both report should be same.

2) try to execute  both query in query builder with same parameter. this will make you sure that there is no problem in your query.

3) if database is null then Jasper render false everything, its a builtin function.


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