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How to get this particular text report?

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By: Rishi Malhotra - rishimal

How to get this particular text report?

2005-10-19 04:37

I have to generate a simple text report. My report format is as follows



DATE: 10/07/2005

ID: 20850

ABC: abc


abc abc abc Processed


a 1 900.00

b 0 0.00


TOTAL 1 900.00


Total Number of Detail Rows : 9



The important thing to note is the value of ABC, the two rows in the database and the final value of 9 is coming from he datasource, which i have defined as:

private Object[][] data =



{"a", new Integer(1), new Double (900.00)},

{"b", new Integer(0), new Double (0.00)},

{new Integer(9)}



i am unable to get the the datasource to traverse properly using the next method as it non-uniform.

or maybe there is another totally different way to go about it.

Any inputs would be greatly appreciated.

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