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how to Stop repeating headers while using Table Component in detail. please help,


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Hello everyone,

I am new in Japer and using 5.6.0. I am creating a report in which I have multiple queries that's why I am using Table Component instead of SubReport.

I have some fields in Column Header and in detail I am using Table Component that showing Header detail with same parameter in query.

When I preview my report in XHTML(using xhtlm because of some specific URDU font requirement that is not showing properly in html and PDF too), then Column header data showing on every page and Detail in which i am using Table Compoent is showing Data perfectly once. 

I want to stop repeating every thing that is above to the Detail region. 

Please help with detail navigation. 

Thanks in advance.

Kind Regards.

Muhammad Yasir Sohail

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Please disregard my last answer, I have deleted it.

Did you try setting a Print When expression on the bands that you do not want to repeat?

For example, on the Column Header band, setting a Print When expression like: $V{PAGE_NUMBER} == 1

would display this band only on first page.

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