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"Method not supported" with Hive JDBC


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I'm trying to get data from Hive using a JDBC driver in Jasper Studio. I'm using Jasper Studio 6.4.3, and I configure a new JDBC connection providing the JDBC jar. I've actually tried many different ones. When confguring my source, the "test" is working fine, and in the "dataset and query dialog", I can expand default => Table and I see my tables and its columns. Now, if I type a basic query to get fields, I got an error message: Method Not Supported":

net.sf.jasperreports.engine.JRException: java.sql.SQLFeatureNotSupportedException: Method not supported
    at com.jaspersoft.studio.data.jdbc.JDBCFieldsProvider.getFields(JDBCFieldsProvider.java:120)
    at com.jaspersoft.studio.data.jdbc.JDBCDataAdapterDescriptor.getFields(JDBCDataAdapterDescriptor.java:70)
    at com.jaspersoft.studio.property.dataset.dialog.DataQueryAdapters.doGetFields(DataQueryAdapters.java:518)
    at com.jaspersoft.studio.data.designer.AQueryDesignerContainer$1.run(AQueryDesignerContainer.java:49)
    at org.eclipse.jface.operation.ModalContext$ModalContextThread.run(ModalContext.java:119)
Caused by: java.sql.SQLFeatureNotSupportedException: Method not supported
    at org.apache.hive.jdbc.HiveResultSetMetaData.getTableName(HiveResultSetMetaData.java:102)
    at com.jaspersoft.studio.data.jdbc.JDBCFieldsProvider.getFields(JDBCFieldsProvider.java:112)
    ... 4 more

I'm using Hive 2.3. I've spent many days to Google and make some tests, but I'm really stuck there now

Thanks for your help



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