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Running Reports offline


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Hi, thanks for taking the time to read my question. I've been tasked with setting up a series of Jasper reports and seem to be having some trouble. I've been able to get the data source set up ok. Or rather I believe its ok, the connection passed. The problem is coming in when we set up an actual report. We get the report set up per all the tutorials I've found so far but it always crashes. What we're wondering is if it has something to do with the schema that is being called out in the jrxml. It seems to be calling a location on the web and the network we're using doesn't have internet access. Is there another schema that we could possibly use that would be local to Jaspersoft or would something else be causing this issue?

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Sorry about that. I was looking at the wrong window when I asked the question. I'm actually having an issue with the Jasper Reports Server platform. We're trying to get it to pull a report from a crucible database and we can get it set up as a data source just fine. The issue comes when we run a report. We just getting a "There was an error on the server" message. Could this be caused by the platform not having an internet connection?

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How was the report created?  Was it created in Jaspersoft Studio?  What do you mean when you say "the schema that is being called out in the jrxml"?  Is this a connection to the data source?  Are the server and the database set up on the same machine?  

Can you look at the logs? If this is a JDBC database, you might get some additional info by setting up additional logging, as described on this page:


Set any or all of the following loggers in the server settings interface or in the .../WEB-INF/log4j.properties file:

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