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What are the basic JasperStudio dependencies required?

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I am migrating from 5.5.x to the latest (6.4.0 until now)  and Maven brings so many dependencies that I believe most of them are unnecessary (like bounty castle, icu4j, olap4j, jaxson, ecj, jdtcore, lucene*** AND SO MANY other). I added a lot of exclusions but I would like to know what are the minimal requires or just the essential

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by discarding, I started to exclude one by one, if someone else is interested in not having unneeded libs.

I also use JFreecharts and POI and everything works well without these:


                <exclusion>                    <groupId>xml-apis</groupId>                    <artifactId>xml-apis</artifactId>                </exclusion>                <exclusion>                    <groupId>eclipse</groupId>                    <artifactId>jdtcore</artifactId>                </exclusion>                <exclusion>                    <groupId>org.codehaus.castor</groupId>                    <artifactId>castor-core</artifactId>                </exclusion>                <exclusion>                    <groupId>bouncycastle</groupId>                    <artifactId>bcmail-jdk14</artifactId>                </exclusion>                <exclusion>                    <groupId>bouncycastle</groupId>                    <artifactId>bcprov-jdk14</artifactId>                </exclusion>                <exclusion>                    <groupId>org.bouncycastle</groupId>                    <artifactId>bctsp-jdk14</artifactId>                </exclusion>                <exclusion>                    <groupId>aopalliance</groupId>                    <artifactId>aopalliance</artifactId>                </exclusion>                <exclusion>                    <groupId>org.apache.lucene</groupId>                    <artifactId>lucene-queryparser</artifactId>                </exclusion>                <exclusion>                    <groupId>org.apache.lucene</groupId>                    <artifactId>lucene-analyzers-common</artifactId>                </exclusion>                <exclusion>                    <groupId>org.apache.lucene</groupId>                    <artifactId>lucene-core</artifactId>                </exclusion>                <exclusion>                    <groupId>org.springframework</groupId>                    <artifactId>spring-core</artifactId>                </exclusion>                <exclusion>                    <groupId>org.springframework</groupId>                    <artifactId>spring-context</artifactId>                </exclusion>                <exclusion>                    <groupId>org.codehaus.castor</groupId>                    <artifactId>castor-xml</artifactId>                </exclusion>                <exclusion>                    <groupId>org.eclipse.jdt.core.compiler</groupId>                    <artifactId>ecj</artifactId>                </exclusion>                <exclusion>                    <groupId>com.ibm.icu</groupId>                    <artifactId>icu4j</artifactId>                </exclusion>                <exclusion>                    <groupId>org.olap4j</groupId>                    <artifactId>olap4j</artifactId>                </exclusion>[/code]


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