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Same report; Different Input Control


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I am designing a new Jasper report using Jaspersoft Studio and I want to attach different input control for different users.

For instance, for user 1, assign to input_control_1. And this will allow user 1 to select a set of regions from input_control_1.

If user 2 logins, the same report must be attached to input_control_2, so he/she will have different set of regions.

Any suggestion on how this can be accomplished.

Thank you

PS: I tried profile attributes, but that allows me only to filter after the fact. For instance, my report is sales output, and it will give all output for all the region configured for user 1. But I am looking for a way, where it will prompt all the regions and allow user to choose 1 region and give sales output for that region. I want to control which region a user is allowed to see.

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