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Field show as null eventhough it's empty


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I have the following property in my report:

!$F{isg}.booleanValue() ? ""+$F{contactphone} : ""+$F{orgcontactphone}

F{isg} gives False

F{contactphone} is empty (Null)

F{orgcontactphone} contains 05-588887453


For some reason what I see in the report is null

I read this topic:


I thought this was the problem but it isn't. The property is checked.

What can cause this problem?



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If $F{isg} is False then $F{isg}.booleanValue() is false then !$F{isg}.booleanValue()  is true (with the exclamation mark at the beginning makes it the opposite) so it will display ""+$F{contactphone} which in your case seems to be null.

Maybe you could try this expression instead:
$F{isg}.booleanValue() ? ""+$F{contactphone} : ""+$F{orgcontactphone}

(Without exclamation point)


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