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Text Field(s) displaying date(s) for first and last day of previous month

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Hi Folks:

I'm new to Jaspersoft Studio  (I've been doing hands on practice and reading the manual for the last couple of days).

My Question:

On many of my current reports (done in Oracle Reports)   I  have to list all the records from the previous month.  The admin wants the date range listed for the report.

This means at the top of the report I need to list:  1.  The first day of the previous month (i.e   6/1/2017  )  and the last day of the month (6/31/2017).

I'm thinking that maybe a text box (field) that is populated by an expression?  (I'm also relatively new to Java... been using PL/SQL for years with Oracle Forms and Reports).

Any help / ideas for a noob would be appreciated..



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There is a SQL-solution:

You do a Query with 2 Columns: select last_day (add_months (SYSDATE, -2)) + 1 AS First_Day, last_day (add_months (SYSDATE, -1) AS Last_Day from DUAL,
Connect the query to your own query (view) or Table (Sorce Data) and the 2 necessary columns will get you in each rows of your report. You can group then result by this 2 columns.
There is a Jasper-solution too, but this solution is not so transparent for Sie.

Best Regards

Tamara Berova

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