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Anybody having trouble showing pie charts in browsers other than Explorer?


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I've got a report with two chart types and multiple types of each:  pie and column.  In Explorer, they appear fine.  In any other browser, the pie charts won't render except for the Title property.   The bar charts (both horizontal and vertical style) do show.  No matter what I do to change the pie chart properties or move they within the section they will not show except in Explorer.  Has anybody else run into this issue?

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Wow.  Turns out it was the title.margin property.  I had changed it to 5 from the default of 15 so the chart woudl be a bit larger on the canvas.  Showed fine in IE.  In Firefox, Chrome and Opera, the chart would not show.  When removed, it shows.  Interestingly, the title.margin on the bar charts is set to 5 as well, and they show.


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