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Will Virtualization improve speed?

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By: seantg - seantg

Will Virtualization improve speed?

2005-10-05 10:15

We have an application that creates large reports with thoudands of pages. Currently our application creates a JasperPrint object for each page of the report, stores them in Lists and then uses JRPdfExporter to export the lists to PDFs. We do it this way because depending on the data read we need to put the pages in seperate PDFs (these are quarterly statements so one page statements go in one PDF, multiple pagers in another, and erroneous statements go in another). We also implemented it this way because the statements are printed in duplex with a static back page so I add a JasperPrint back page after every statement page.


For large batches running this program on our server takes a very long time because it quickly uses up all the available memory and starts swapping. I saw that the later version of JasperReports include Virtualization that can serialize JasperPrint objects out to disk. I can't seem to find much documentation on Virtualization besides the VirtualizerApp sample. I was wondering if anyone knew more about what it does. Does it just reduce memory usage to prevent large reports from getting an OutOfMemoryError or does it also improve speed for large reports?





By: Lucian Chirita - lucianc

RE: Will Virtualization improve speed?

2005-10-06 03:33



The virtualization functionality in JasperReports is basically a virtual memory swapping mechanism. Parts of the JasperPrint object are serialized and deserialized to temporary locations (file system, for the virtualizer supplied with the library) and only a specified amount of data is kept in memory. The primary purpose of this feature was to avoid the JVM running out of memory.


The question whether JasperReports virtualization is faster than the OS's swapping should be decided based on some testing.




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