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How to pass parameter value in the field value ?


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i want to do this $F{$P{subject}}.

i create general structure for .jrxml file. i pass query dynamically to the query tag like this,

    <queryString language="SQL">

So here Field is dyanamically changes. field can be fill by parameter ?

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Since JR 6.3.1 you could use the net.sf.jasperreports.sql.field.column.name property for each field, to map the column name dinamically. Meaning you could use a static field name in JRXML that will map a column name in your dynamic query. For instance:


 <parameter name="paramId" class="java.lang.String">   <defaultValueExpression><![CDATA["emp_id"]]></defaultValueExpression> </parameter>... <field name="id" class="java.lang.Integer">   <propertyExpression name="net.sf.jasperreports.sql.field.column.name"><![CDATA[$P{paramId}]]></propertyExpression> </field>[/code]

In the above example, whenever you will use the $F{id} expression in the JRXML file, the "emp_id" column in the sql query will be referenced, via the parameter paramId.


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