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AWS jasperserver becomes unresponsive after editing pg_hba.conf and postgresql.conf files


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Hi i actually needed to access jasperserver's associated postgresql and hence changed the postgresql.conf and pg_hba.conf files. soon i change them (as ec2-user) the jasperserver became unresponsive and started thrwoing error 404 resource not available.

Later i reverted the changes but still the jasperserver is responsive. I didnt take a snapshot before changing my bad!

note: I have checked the catalina.out and it was saying connection refused as error/exception.

any help on this is much appreciated.

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Did you restart postgresql after reverting it back to it's original value? Also, check postgresql log for any error.

JasperReports Server requires a database to startup and since it's not able to access the database, it's throwing 404 error.

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hi @hozawa, thanks i have checked if postgresql is up or not and it was down and when i checkd the postgresql log file it says there was a permission level change on those config files.

So i reverted the permission back to the postgres user and then tried to restart it worked!! Thanks @hozawa

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