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Background color in conditional style doesn't drawn

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I created a few conditional styles for a text field in a table cell. The styles contains custom font formatting and background color setting. So the font formatting works great, but background color is not.

When i created the styles, i followed these steps:

  • Create the style;
  • In that style create two conditional styles with all settings (font and background);
  • The conditions are:
  1. $F{DAY_OF_WEEK}.doubleValue() == 0
  2. $F{DAY_OF_WEEK}.doubleValue() == 1
  • Apply the style to my Text Field ($F{DAY_OF_WEEK}).

Please help me figure out what is wrong here.

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Unfortunatly, style mode="Opaque" doesn't work.

May be i did something wrong?

<style name="StyleVacation" backcolor="#A6D3A6">    <conditionalStyle>        <conditionExpression><![CDATA[$F{DAY_8}.doubleValue() == 0]]></conditionExpression>        <style mode="Opaque" backcolor="#F0F04D" fill="Solid" radius="4" hTextAlign="Left" vTextAlign="Top" pattern="" isBlankWhenNull="true" fontName="DejaVu Sans Mono" fontSize="1"/>    </conditionalStyle>    <conditionalStyle>        <conditionExpression><![CDATA[$F{DAY_8}.doubleValue() == 1]]></conditionExpression>        <style mode="Opaque" backcolor="#94EBB2"/>    </conditionalStyle></style><jr:detailCell style="Table_TD" height="30"><textField>    <reportElement key="" style="StyleVacation" x="0" y="0" width="50" height="30" backcolor="#FFFFFF"/>    <textElement markup="none">        <font fontName="DejaVu Sans"/>        <paragraph lineSpacing="1_1_2"/>    </textElement>    <textFieldExpression><![CDATA[$F{DAY_8}]]></textFieldExpression></textField></jr:detailCell>[/code]


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  • Solution

You need to remove the "backcolor" atribute on the reportElement from your JRXML.

It takes precedence over the one coming from the style.

You can manually remove the attribute:

  • in the "Appearance" tab of the textField's Properties view by right-clicking the Backcolor color box and selecting the "Set to Null" option or
  • from the "Source" tab of your report by directly editing the JRXML
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