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Pass Java POJO object to Jasper report


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I'm new to Jasper reports. I'm trying to pass one POJO object as input data to the pdf report. I have seen to use either 


    String source = "/Users/shah/Documents/salary.jrxml";

    String outputPdf = "/Users/shah/Documents/SalaryCertificate.pdf";


My POJO is


    SalaryDto s = new SalaryDto();


  This "s" object will hold all data that needs to be passed as data source


    JRBeanCollectionDataSource ds = new JRBeanCollectionDataSource(<some beanCollection>)



I have to pass this "s" object as input source.


To which class Datasource I need to pass this "s" object? I want to fetch the s object values in Jasper report


Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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