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Can i change template of already created report in jasper studio


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Not sure what you mean. 
If you have a template that means you have a jrxml file. And if you have that then you have the source code. and if you have that then you can make any changes you want. 

JasperStudio Template 
Adding template to jasperstudio. Go through process, understand it then replace or update exiting template. 

Templates deploy on JasperServer 
One can change these aswell in jasper studio. I would suggest keep the previous template in given folder. You can export and then use source code to deploy in Jasperstudio. Then you can update/make changes. 
Then when uploading to server, create new template name. Linked new template to one of the reports that used old replace and see if works. If issues try to resolve.



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If you mean that you want a report to be updated to reflect the modified template, that's not possible. Template are read in when a report layout is created so updates won't be reflected.

To do that, you'll need to create your own tool to update the report based on a template.

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