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Ireport generated excel cells empty(no values) but not blank


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Hi - I am in tricky situtaion and need some help.


I designed a report using ireport 5.5.1 and able to generate an excel output. So here in excel output the cells with no values are not exactly blank.

Example: Here is Column1 with 12 rows






blank(no value)

blank(no value)


blank(no value)



blank(no value)

blank(no value)



So generally when we use Ctrl+ down arrow in excel on row1 it will take to 3, then to 4, then to 6 and then to 7. 

But it is not working as same in excel generated by ireport. when pressed Ctrl+down arrow on 1 it take to 7 (considering those cells have some value). we can test if we press delete on blank cells and try again.

This is not the case with same report generated by a different reporting tool.


So guessing this should have something to do with ireport. Please help me if there is any setting or property which i can use to eliminate this ??

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