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Is it possible to use MYSQL DB and mongodb in a single Jasper report??


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   I would like to use MY sql DB and mongoDB connections in a single report. I tried using subreport option. I have created main report using MYSQL connection and trying to create a subreport for mongoDB. However, I am unable to create report connection expression for mongodb. 

Please tell me if it is possible to create a report using MY sql DB and mongoDB connections. If yes, can you help me out with report connection expression for mongodb subreport??





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I just came across the reason. Read below:

MongoDB is a big data architecture based on the NoSQL model that is neither relational nor SQL-based. Jaspersoft provides a
connector that allows reports to use MongoDB as a data source. Reports based on a MongoDB data source can be used as
Topics that allow users to create Ad Hoc views based on the fields returned by the MongoDB query. However, Domains
require relational data sources, and therefore MongoDB data sources cannot be used in Domains.


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Depending on what you need to do with it, you can use scriptlets.  From a scriptlet, you can pull together as many data sources as you wish.  It is fairly simple to use them to get single pieces of information from multiple sources, but you can also create List objects in the scriptlet that you can use to populate a List element in Jasper.  Scriptlets are a fairly broad topic, but this post should get you started:


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