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Cannot send request paramters through hyperlink in ireport


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Hi! . It's been two days now and i am stuck at a very small problem and i now i have given up so i am posting my question here.

I am working locally and i have created a hyperlink text in my report . I am using reference type link and in reference tab i have put

"/cibs/printInvoice.doo?prepaidAll_action=prepaidAll&invoiceId=786654" (i have given invoiceId in queryString as well) and i have given invoiceId = 786654 even in link parameter tab.

But when page is loaded and i see the link . It skips the "&invoiceId=786654" part . This i think is because i am using struts maybe (not sure) . But atleast i should recieve the invoiceId i gave in link parameter.

In my code i am getting the parameter like this :

Map parameters = new HashMap();parameters.put("invoiceId", request.getParameter("invoiceId"));[/code]

but i recieve null. Can someone please tell me how do i send invoiceId as a request parameter.

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