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jasperserver cluster Unauthorised 500 Error


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Hi there,

I have jasper server running in a cluster configuration, however if I try to run a simulation using jmeter of 50 users logging in simultanously I get a com.jaspersoft.jasperserver.jaxrs.client.core.exceptions.InternalServerErrorException: Internal Server Error but this is an intermittent error.

I have 2 servers running behind an F5 load balancer and I am unable to workout what the problem is.

Also I have implemented session replication on the tomcat server to see if this would fix the problem but I have yet to have any success.

I am using jasper server version 6.2

Can you please advise?




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Give more info, like which version do you use Community or Pro, describe what configuration changes did you do to server to support clustering, provide full stacktrace of this error from server side, then possibly i can help you.


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