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Variable Issue


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I’m having trouble with this variable to display the values of my field properly. It is placed in a group header band in a text field that references the variable.


Variable expression: $F{type}==("type1")?"Manager":"Employee"


The problem is that the expression returns null in the first group, and then just Employee for the rest of the groups, even if the value should be Manager. As a test, if place the Variable down in the details section, that fixes the null problem, but then the ones tat should indicate Manger indicate Employee.


My band structure is as follows:



Page Header

Column Header

My first group (hidden)

My second group header

My second group again header –my variable is placed here.

My third group (hidden)

Details section

And so on……


Help appreciated.





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Should usee ".equals()" rather than "==". You're probably getting null in the first group because you haven't provided default value and the variable is calculated after value of the field is calculated.


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Hello Hozawa, thanks I see the values being diplayed properly in the details section now with your syntax example, but when I move the variable field to the group header just above the details section, it doesn't work. You mentioned the defaults for the first group, but not sure I will always want to "hard-code" a default for the first iteratiion of group (if that is what you meant).

Also, when placed in the group header, Manger is displayed as Employee. So, Im thinking I need to learn how to use the evaluation time options avilable, but not sure the correct combination.

Any help appreciated.



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