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Problems running Jaspersoft Studio 6.2.1 on LinuxMint 17.3 / Mate1.12


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I am developing under LinuxMint 17.3 Mate with Eclipse/tomcat und we are using JasperReports as our reporting tool.

We switched from iReport to JaspersoftStudio (community edition) and we now are having problems when formatting Objects i.e. when formatting the Textfield. When trying to set the Border of the field, we can not set line thicknes. It works on Frames. And it works on JsStudio running under Windows 7.

Sometimes Dialogs do not appear until restarting JsStudio.

Im starting JaspersoftStudio  running runubuntu.sh and directly. It does not make a difference.

Do we have to set some additional parameters? Does anybody have some idea?

Thanks in Advance





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thanks for your help.

I tried it and it seems to work a bit better over all. But the problem with the not accessible attrributes in the settings is still there.

I installed all updates and I am running 6.3.0 final at the moment.





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