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How to access database in jasperreports server without manually keying in parameter data


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I published my reports from Jasper Studio to Jasper Server. They are working perfectly but I need to input all the parameters manually. How can I access the database in such a way that I can select data possibly through a dropdown list or something instead of manually keying in the data? I am using Windows SQL Server for my database.



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I worked with most flexible, cost-effective and widely-deployed business intelligence Software for better decision making and reporting Jaspersoft. One of my friend suggested me a good resource in which includes JasperServer Architecture, Introduction to Report Creation using JasperSoft iReport, JsperSoft Sudio, Deploying reports on JasperServer, Multi tenancy Architecture &Olap-Mdx, Cube. This resource further covers OLap basics including Creating and Deploying Cubes, MDX, Report and Dashboard Generation using Cube and Performance tuning of reports and JasperServer.

I learnt a lot from there and I am sure it will definitely helps you --  Jaspersoft Video Tutorial

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