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JasperReports Server doesn´t show Reports properly


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I designed some Reports using Jaspersoft Studio 6.2.0final and uploaded them to Jasersoft Report Server.

When I display them on the Server, some Pages are just like I designed them in Studio, but there are some Pages, that don´t show up how they should

I´ve got an example on the picture below and you clearly see, that it changes the length of the different cells to make it look like some kind of stairs. 

Does anybody know how to get rid of this problem? 


If exported to .pdf for example, the Report looks fine.


Thanks for your help,



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I previewed it in HTML and the problem appears everytime the content of the cell ist too large to be displayed in one line.

Jaspersoft creates a second line and messes up my reportconstruction. I´m pretty sure it´s just one simple setting I set wrong, but I can´t find ich.


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