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"Merge" two existing reports with an existing "master" report


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Hi All,

If possible, I would like to "merge" two existing reports with an existing "master" report to create a single .jrxml file.  Forum searches yielded threads related to subreports, but the available step-by-step guides involved creating either a new subreport or a new master report.  I am very new to Jaspersoft Studio with no previous programming experience, and as such, step-by-step instructions would be greatly appreciated.


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First of all you should understand the concept of subreports and main report.
A main report calls other subreports into it.

Steps you should follow are as follows;
1)  Consider your reports to be merged (considering you are merging two reports, lets take the count as 2) as two different subreports. If the two reports are running individually (on same datasource), then you need not perform any changes on them.
2) Create a new main report and call two sub report components from the pallete giving the path of the two reports to be merged. For proper steps, please refer the guide. 

Hope this helps,

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