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Example for Subreport Using Web Service


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Can someone post a working example of how to define a subreport using web service as the datasource?

I am reading this:


Under the section "SubReport and Additional Datasets", I need to cater the scenario for (2):

you have a main resultset that you wish to loop, and for each row you want to execute a new query (webservice call)

In the subreport configuration (or the dataset) specify not to use any connection at all (leave blank both the connection expression and the datasource expression. The only thing we'll have to do is passing some mandatory parameters for internal webservice datasource to work properly :

  •     uriKeyauth
  •     TypeKey
  •     authParametersKey
  •     languageKey
  •     verbKey

I am not able to understand what to do here based on the above statements. These parameters are defined in the web service subreport. Am I supposed to pass them back to the main report? If so how am I supposed to do it in Jaspersoft Studio? I am using version 6.2.


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