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Limit number of rows to be fetched in query


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Am trying to limit the total rows to be printed in a report as a user defined function. select top $P{rowlimit} is something I can do in mssql. But this report could take any orcle datasource also. So is there a way to do this jasper level ? I read about report_max_count. But am not able to assign a value to this parameter.

Can you please suggest a way to achieve this in jrxml? I can't use report scriptlet or java code.

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At the oracle plsql level you can set rownum <= x in the where clause in your jrxml file.  

The following will return 5 itemnames from an item table when the user enters rowlimit = 5:

         <![CDATA[selectitemname from items where rownum <= $P{rowlimit};]]>
Hope this helps, 
Chris Kennedy


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Hi psundaravaradhan,

You are right. That's the only way to make it on Jasper level is giving a filter expression. But If you want to use like that and the result set has too many rows, some performance issue will come with it. Because when you giving a filter expression for the top records, reports show top records after fetching all the query results.



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