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JasperServer shows null value for some fields


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Hi, I created a report which is run successfully in Jaspersoft Studio. In this report every fields that I want had been printed out but when run on Jasper Server, many fields shows null. I had created the same query as Jaspersoft Studio at jasper Server, which mean, it should be getting the same result as what I printed at Jasper Server and JasperSoft Studio.

Anyone knows what the reason cause it and had any solution on this?


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Hi, @zh3ntil. 

When I publish to jasperServer, I had choose Local Data Source among the 3 option at Configure the data source. Am I choosing the wrong option when publish?

By the way, the data of my reports shows are not completely null, but null for certain fields only. This problem won happen if run using JasperSoft Studio.  Is it because of dataSource problem that you mentioned?



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This isn't a font problem but with the datasource. Instead of using the local datasource, use a datasource in the repository. To do this, you'll need to create a datasource from JasperReports Server. See the following page for steps on how to do this. Create a datasource in the repository and test it. Upload your report and just select this datasource.


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