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Jasper Reports/Linux Internship in Houston TX

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By: Flip-Flop - rojinegra

Jasper Reports/Linux Internship in Houston TX

2006-04-13 12:23

Linux Journal (http://www.linuxjournal.com) is hiring in the Houston area for a short term software engineering internship! We're currently implementing a new system to manage our subscription base and could use a hand. Length of employment would vary with your expertise in various subjects, but the following are a must:


- At least Junior level (completed 2nd year in university) studying software engineering or related field.

- Strong proficiency in SQL. Experience with PostgreSQL is a plus.

- Familiarity with Java or ability to be familiar before you start.

- Strong self motivation. You'll be reporting to work each day at an office (in Houston), but your boss will be working with you from abroad. Therefore, you must be resourceful and largely be able solve your own problems with minimal guidance.

- Fluent in English. Your boss will be bilingual (English/Spanish) but your customer is not.

- Strong attention to detail. Lots of money will hinge on the things you do. You must be willing to double and triple check your work before submitting it, as we will largely trust you to do your job.

- Sense of humor. We love our jobs, and we think you should love yours too.


Optional Skills:

- Familiarity with Jasper Reports and iReport is a HUGE plus.

- Proficiency in Ruby.

- Web site design in Ruby, PHP, or another open source language.

- Familiarity and ability to "whip things up" in Photoshop/Gimp in a pinch.


This is a paid position.


Term of employment is negotiable, largely depending on which skills of the above you have and how well you fit with the rest of the team, but would be a minimum of 1 - 3 months. Hours are also fairly flexible. I'd be happy to discuss specifics and address any needs or concerns you may have before you apply.


To apply, please send a resume, description of why you should be our intern, and/or other things you think we might find helpful to Kevin Brown at blargity@gmail.com.


Thanks! :-)

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