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Row span over detail band lines?

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By: wlehmann - wlehmann

Row span over detail band lines?

2005-07-27 11:28



how can I achieve a rowspan?


The design is a table layout with grid lines formed by boxes around the text fields, just like the tablereport demo. The datasource contains repeating value in its first field. This repeating value should not be repeated in the grid.


I know there is an option not to repeat the equal values. But if I use this not only the whole but also the associated grid lines vanish. What can I do about this?






By: C-Box - c-box

RE: Row span over detail band lines?

2005-07-27 13:33

Did you tried to set the StretchType to "RelativeToTallestObject" or "RelativeToBandHeight" what I told you in your last thread where you ask the same already? I think if one textfield stretches itself to next page the other elements should also stretch at the stretching field becomes the tallest one, isn't it?

Please try this and post if it works.


Otherwise I wouldn't work with the box attributes but with simple lines.... I started some month also with using the box attributes but when some fields are very close each other I got ugly output (espacially in PDF) so the lines were not aligned exactly and moved by 1 pixel ... so I switched to simple lines and used the "StretchType" for these lines... and it worked well!








By: wlehmann - wlehmann

RE: Row span over detail band lines?

2005-07-27 13:44



sorry for not responding to your other reply. Actually both options do not make a difference. Which seems understandable since the "band" in that context is the detail band - and I don't need a stretch over one instance of the detail band (created from one row of the datasource) but I need a vertical stretch over a whole group - which includes several detail bands then.


Working with lines is something I though about, too. But unfortunately Excel export is crucial and the lines will end up as single cells in Excel, disrupting the table layout. There are many very narrow rows in the resulting Excel sheet then. So... :-(

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