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Reading a Jasper file from JAR

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By: vinay.s - vinay_csp

Reading a Jasper file from JAR

2005-07-22 22:06


I am trying to read a jasper file from jar using the following code

jasperPath = "com//Reports/jasper/"+className+".jasper";

jasperURL = ClassLoader.getSystemResource(jasperPath);


I am getting a java.io.FileNotFoundException:

Please Help me

Thanks in Advance









By: Bob Withers - bwit

RE: Reading a Jasper file from JAR

2005-07-23 08:04

Is the jar you are trying to load the file from in the system classpath? If not try:




You can also use getClass().getResource() but you will need to add a '/' to the start of the path.








By: Code_Slave - code_slave

RE: Reading a Jasper file from JAR

2005-07-25 06:38

or make the report part of your class

I.E "MyProvidesReports"

, in a folder called "ReportsSource"


public InputStream getSourceFile() {

//java.net.URL imgURL;

InputStream Source;

Source = MyProvidesReports.class.getResourceAsStream(

"/ReportsSource/PDAN.xml"); // this is a fixed format for all java platforms do not use "file.separator


return Source;



that's what i used to do

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