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Date/time wrong extraction


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I'm new working with Ireports 5.6, i just created a report that extracts some information from a DB using SQL sentencies, the problem i'm facing is that the Date information i'm getting is wrong, for example if i check the "created date" field from the record in the application where we work with those appears like "17/08/15 10:47 AM" which should be the correct date but when i run the report the date appers 5 hours ahead, i mean "17/08/15 03:47 PM" and that happens with all my DB records from different tables, so any of you guys have any clue about this? i hope any of you can put me in the right direction.

Best regards!

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Thank you both for the response, the report i'm running is not on the jasper reports server, i'm testing it from my computer i don´t know if that changes something about the locale you're talking about?

And Jazz, i'm sorry for the question but what do you mean by setting a pattern? as i said i'm pretty new with ireports so there is some concepts i still don't know about it.



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