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Clarification on token-based authentication with Visualize.js

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Do all concepts described in the authentication cookbook (v3) apply to the visualize.js API?

I'm referring to this section in particular on token-based authentication: http://community.jaspersoft.com/documentation/tibco-jasperreports-server-authentication-cookbook/v610/token-based-authentication

This seems to refer specifically to the http API which predated the visualisejs API, but I want to know if the concepts described here are appropriate to the visualize.js API as well. One thing that confuses me is that it says in the above section that token-based mechanism is for use where "no single sign-on environment" exists in the application, whereas the documentation on visualize.js suggests that token-based authentication works hand-in-hand with an SSO provider. Could you please clarify this point, and if the above link is not appropriate to the javascript API could you point me to some documentation with the same level of detail for token-based authentication via visualize.js?

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